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June 2019- Maths of the Day renamed Teach Active

Maths of the Day have now launched an Active English resource. The resource provides schools with hundreds of fun, engaging & high-quality activities (with resources) on how to deliver the English curriculum through physical activity.

With the launch of this new resource, the decision has been made to re brand & rename the company. From June, Maths of the Day will be called Teach Active.

Find out more here

May 2019- Youth Sport Trust Premium Toolkit

The YST are producing a series of documents and videos supporting schools to sustain the impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium.

There are some fantastic videos, resources & top tips as well as interviews with school staff that, so far, look at the first two key PPSP indicators.

Look at the Toolkit here

May 2019- Quality Start Applications Now Open

The Quality Start recognition scheme rewards schools specifically for their high quality PE & sport provision for pupils in KS1 &is a great way to demonstrate impact.

Applications opened on 1 May 2019 and will close on Friday 24 May 2019. Can your school achieve this award?

Find out more and apply

May 2019- Go Sketch: Secondary School Transition

The move from primary to secondary school can be a tricky period for young people & is often when activity levels can drop. A bad move can effect friendship groups, damage confidence & impact academic development.

Go Sketch have created a range of fantastic transition programmes combining sport & creativity to help make this period a positive one & provide a brilliant start to life at secondary school. 

If you think this will benefit pupils at your school, please contact Tom Hall for more information.

Find out more here

May 2019- Premium Report

Earlier this year a report into the Primary PE and Sport Premium was produced by the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group). 

The report included some interesting findings along with some key recommendations regarding the future of the premium. 

This report is likely to inform the School Sport Action Plan, due to be released soon, that will set out the Government’s 5 year plan for PE & school sport.

Take a look at the report here

May 2019- New Primary School Swimming Guides

Swim England & the Swim Group have created a resource pack for all those involved in the delivery of curriculum swimming & water safety.

The resource pack provides practical guidance on how to plan, deliver & report on curriculum swimming & water safety.

View the Resource pack here

May 2019- Healthy Eating Week

The BNF Healthy Eating Week is back & will run from 10-14 June. The week is a great way for schools to actively demonstrate their support for the health & wellbeing of their pupils.

Registered schools will receive free resources to help them run a successful week including posters & downloadable guides.

Register your school here

May 2019- Get Children Active During SATs Week

It's test time for year 6 pupils. Did you know, getting children up and moving is a great way for them to get a boost of energy & concentration whilst also reducing stress?

Super Movers have compiled a range of song and dance routines covering some of the key areas of Maths & English so children can get active whilst recapping what they learnt in KS2!

View the videos here

May 2019- Women's World Cup

The Youth Sport Trust (YST) in partnership with The FA has made it possible for schools in England to access free resources & lesson planning with a female football focus to mark the Women's World Cup beginning in June this year.   

The resources support the delivery of five weeks of activity in schools in the build up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019.

Access these resources here

May 2019- Children's Attitudes Towards Sport and Physical Activity

Schools from across the country have been invited to participate in the Active Lives Survey. Results concerning attitudes have so far shown that:

  1. Physically literate children do twice as much activity.
  2. Enjoyment is the biggest driver of activity levels.
  3. Children who have all elements of physically literacy report higher levels of happiness.
  4. Physical literacy decreases with age.
  5. There are inequalities among certain groups of children.

For more information on the Active Lives Survey or to take part with your school contact Active Sussex's Henry McLaughlin. Schools completing the survey receive detailed information on pupils at their school.

Read the Report here

May 2019- School Games Mark

The School Games Mark rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school.
The window for School Games Mark applications will open on Wednesday 8 May this year and close on Friday 9 August.Schools can now download the criteria for this years awards to ensure they are meeting the new targets.

View the Criteria

March 2019 - Sustrans Big Pedal

Sustrans Big Pedal is back for 2019 and this year will run from Monday 25 March to Friday 5 April.

On each day, schools compete to see who can get as many of their pupils, staff & parents cycling, walking or scooting to school. Your school’s best five days will determine your final position, but you can log journeys on all ten days.

The challenge is FREE to enter, schools receive free resources & there are daily prizes to be won including bike stunt shows & scooters!

Find out more here

March 2019 - Compulsory Health Education in Schools

From September 2020, pupils of all ages will be taught about health. The subject will focus on promoting the positive link between physical & mental health.

Primary school aged pupils will learn about mental wellbeing, nutrition, the importance of staying active & recognising the early signs of physical illness – ensuring pupils understand how mental & physical health are linked.

To ensure teachers are well-prepared, there will be a £6m budget in 2019/20 for a school support package to cover training & resources.

Find out more here

March 2019 - School Games Mark

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme that was launched in 2012. Its aim is to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school.

The window for School Games Mark applications will open on Wednesday 08 May this year. Schools can now download the criteria for this years awards to ensure they are meeting the new targets.

December 2018 - Confidence Crisis in Primary Girls Stopping Them from Getting Active

The research involved 5,454 boys and girls aged 7 to 11-years-old across England. It shows that even in primary school, almost twice as many girls as boys report that a lack of confidence stops them being active in school.

The Youth Sport Trust survey aims to identify the barriers that prevent primary-aged children from being more active. It builds on the charity’s 2017 Girls Active survey which looked at secondary aged girls’ attitudes towards PE and physical activity and the challenges they face in getting active.

"The Girls Active programme and Stepping Up for Change initiative at our school and feeder primary schools is transforming this experience for girls. We kickstarted it with over 60 Year 7 girls attending the club. The programme has allowed for a smooth transition for students, and a chance to make new friends whilst engaging in physical activity.

"Year 7 students were enquiring about the club during their first few days at Great Marlow based upon the positive experience they had last year through the Stepping Up For Change Initiative that our GLAM leaders had helped to deliver."

The latest research shows a correlation between levels of confidence and levels of physical activity with the least active girls most likely to be affected by lack of confidence. Among less active girls, 32% said confidence was an issue preventing them from being activity.

The study was carried out through the Girls Active programme, which is developed by the charity and delivered in partnership with This Girl Can and Women in Sport. The programme is funded by Sport England through the National Lottery and delivered in over 450 schools.

"We are at a tipping point with the effects of excessive social pressures and it’s time to make change! Kids deserve the best chance possible at a happy and fulfilled life and our duty is to do what we can. I believe by offering wellness and fitness through dance with my well-fit programme and initiatives like Girls Active we can make a difference."

Girls Active consults girls and empowers them to take the lead giving them influence over PE, physical activity and sport, making it more appealing and relevant to their everyday lives. In the past year the programme has expanded into primary schools through Girls Active Stepping Up for Change which sees secondary school-aged girls becoming role models to engage primary school pupils in physical activity. More than 63,000 girls have been reached because of Girls Active.

Ali Oliver, Chief Executive of YST, said:

"The fact that confidence levels in girls falls considerably behind boys from as young as age seven is deeply concerning. We know that lack of confidence is a major factor in why girls are less active than boys throughout their time at school. The alarming finding of this research is that this gap starts to open at such a young age.

"At a time when young people are struggling with their mental health, stress and growing levels of obesity, it has never been more important to unlock the power of sport and play to help them tackle these challenges and thrive in life.

"Physical activity and sport have a huge part to play in developing young people’s confidence and resilience. But we know that the gap between girls’ and boys’ levels of physical activity only grows as they get older. It is vital that the confidence crisis is tackled in primary schools if we are to give all young people the best start in life.

"The Youth Sport Trust is working with teachers and girls through Girls Active and Stepping Up for Change to address the barriers girls face and support them to influence the PE and sport offer in their school to build confidence and increase all girls’ participation."

Overall, boys at primary school said they are more active than girls with 39% of boys saying they do more than 60 minutes of activity a day, compared with 25% of girls.

Top five reasons primary-aged children say they don’t enjoy physical activity:

  1. I don’t like getting hot and sweaty (Boys 18%, Girls 23%)
  2. I am not confident (Boys 13%, Girls 21%)
  3. I am not good at it (Boys 14%, Girls 20%)
  4. I can’t keep up with my friends (Boys 15%, Girls 18%)
  5. I worry about trying new activities (Boys 12%, Girls 18%)

Through Girls Active Stepping Up For Change, primary and secondary school-aged girls receive training from YST and inspirational athlete mentors. Girls work together at the training and beyond with younger girls being mentored and supported to take positive action in their own schools to improve the physical activity experience for all girls.

Kate Dale, Head of Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, said:

"It is incredibly sad that girls as young as seven don’t enjoy PE because they’re not confident, don’t like getting sweaty or worry they’re not good enough – all of which is a fear of judgement, which we’re trying to address through This Girl Can.

"We know that our attitudes to sport are formed when we are children, so helping children have more positive attitudes to getting active will be fundamental to improving the physical and mental health of girls and women for generations. To do this, we need to tackle all the cultural cues that make girls feel that sport isn't for them - from giving them kit they feel comfortable in, to ensuring they have the facilities they need. The whole sport and physical activity sector must work together to let girls and women know that they really do belong."

Heather Smith, Associate Head of Innovation at Women in Sport, said:

"This research shows that a lot of work still needs to be done to make sure girls feel confident in taking part in sport, PE and physical activity in schools. It is vital that we make sure girls receive the right support during this critical stage of their development to prevent a drop out in their teenage years and develop good activity habits for their future."

At a time when primary schools are receiving additional investment to improve their PE offer through the Primary PE and Sport Premium, the YST and its partners are encouraging schools to engage more girls at a younger age by:

Making PE and physical activity relevant to girls’ lives.

  • Empowering girls through involving them in design and delivery of PE and physical activities
  • Developing role models by using girls as positive influencers and advocates with their peer group
  • Placing the development of self-confidence at the heart of PE and physical activity
  • Recognising the power of friends to drive progress
  • Taking a long-term approach to engaging girls.

For more information about Girls Active and the Stepping up for Change initiative which engages primary-aged girls as peer leaders and advocates and uses secondary school-aged girls as role models visit:

December 2018 - Wellbeing for Schools

Wellbeing for Schools programmes and resources are specifically designed to engage children. They run exciting, affordable, unique and varied programmes for all ages and settings.

They support regular learning practices with additional workshops, resource packs and fun activities to promote the latest health messages as set out by the relevant governing bodies and institutions.


November 2018 - Youth Sport Trust Welcomes Ofsted's Plans for Inspection Refocus

Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust has responded to Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman’s statement on shifting the focus from exam results to a more rounded curriculum.

Ali Oliver said: "The quality of a child’s education should be assessed on more than just test results. The announcement from Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman that future inspections will take a more rounded look at the quality of education in schools is a significant step in the right direction, and one which YST would fully support.

"We would like to see Ofsted’s new inspection framework recognise the essential role that PE, sport and play should have at the core of a broad and balanced curriculum, enhancing children’s health, building character, improving wellbeing and supporting them to fulfil their potential."

November 2018 - Education Secretary Makes a Drive for Competitive School Sport

Responding to Education Secretary Damian Hinds’ Conservative Party Conference Speech announcing a new cross-government School Sport Action Plan, Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive Ali Oliver said:

“It is hugely encouraging that the Secretary of State is so passionate about the importance of school sport and the contribution competition can make to the development of essential character traits such as grit, resilience and responsibility to others, while offering young people the opportunity to find fun, friendship and a sense of belonging. These are beliefs the Youth Sport Trust holds dear.

“Through the School Games - one of the great legacies of London 2012 backed by the government and National Lottery investment - more than two million young people across 21,000 schools get the opportunity to participate in competitive sport every year. The Youth Sport Trust has been privileged to implement this through the endless hard work of the national network of School Games Organisers.

"We welcome this extended commitment by government to help us build on the foundations of this successful programme. This will be great news for young people and warmly welcomed by school leaders.”

“At the Youth Sport Trust we passionately believe in the potential of a more joined up approach to youth sport across government. A cross-department action plan focused on getting more children active, growing competitive sport, and maximising the role sport can play in improving health, developing character, and raising academic achievement will make a real impact tackling some of the big issues facing this generation of young people.

"We congratulate the Secretary of State on such a bold and positive step and look forward to supporting him in realising his ambitions.”

July 2018 - Sussex Primary Schools Training Needs Survey

Active Sussex has set up another training needs survey. The more schools that complete the data, the more detailed the data/insight gained will be. For taking part schools will be entered into a prize draw, with six schools being randomly selected to win a £200 Davies Sport equipment vouchers and a personalised PE jacket for their PE coordinator, the survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

The link for the survey is here:

The deadline for the survey competition is Friday 19th October 2018.

Where there are gaps in provision Active Sussex will look to work with local or national partners to ensure that schools have access to the training and support they need.

June 2018 - Sprite Yoga Opportunities for Schools

Sprite Yoga is offering more exciting projects for schools and particularly for teachers.

It is now able to offer a range of training opportunities across all Key Stages:

  • CPD Twilight Session - Introducing Yoga to Key Stage 1
  • CPD Twilight Session - Introducing Yoga to Key Stage 2
  • CPD Twilight Session - Making Yoga Relevant to Teenagers - for teachers of Key Stage 3 and 4

Each of the above sessions are suitable for class teachers and classroom assistants who have an interest in bringing yoga into their schools and PE teachers who would like to find ways of making yoga fit within the PE Curriculum. Sessions will combine practical work with theory and participants take away a range of resources including ready to use lesson plans and ideas of how to create their own sessions while working safely and within a framework.

If you would be interested in marketing these opportunities to the schools in your region please get in contact to arrange dates/times/venues. There are various approaches which have worked for different regions. Sprite Yoga is happy to co-ordinate all the administration tasks once the course has been agreed and advertised. In this case a fee of £45 is charged per participant with a reduced rate for more than one teacher from the same school. We are happy to explore other models should you wish to organise a set fee and take care of the administration yourselves. If you can take a look at your other events and suggest a couple of dates for early next term Sprite can do the rest to get an appropriate space and put together the advertising and promotional materials.

Sprite is also delighted to be able to offer a more extensive yoga training for Primary Teachers, Classroom Assistants. This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals as a 40hr Vocational Training Certificate in Teaching Yoga in School. Graduates will be able to become YAP affiliate members and hold a certificate to teach yoga within the educational institution in which they are employed. The course will cover both Key Stage 1 and 2. This qualification could be an asset to a teacher's CV as yoga is increasingly being recognised for the benefits it can offer in terms of both the physical and mental health of young people. Schools can use sports premium funding to help their staff access this course.

Phone:    07774 397269

June 2018 - FA Primary Teachers Award on Friday 6th July at Bede’s Senior School

There are a few places left on a FA Primary Teachers Award on Friday 6th July at Bede’s Senior School, Upper Dicker, near Hailsham BN27 3QH.  It starts at 9am and finishes at 3pm and is an accredited qualification for teachers.  To register a place please complete the following: FA Primary Teachers Certificate registration form

Participants will need a FAN to register and secure a place and to obtain one of these they need to follow: . Once this is submitted participants are immediately enrolled for the course

March 2018 - Eat Like a Champ Resources

Eat Like A Champ is a free healthy eating education programme aimed at primary school children in year 5. The campaign tackles the growing issue of poor nutrition and obesity through six specially tailored lessons about healthy eating.

Go to website

March 2018 - Winter Olympics Resources

To celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics, Snowsport England have launched their PyeongChang to Piste campaign. There are free cross curricular resources for schools to access to introduce pupils to the exhilarating and rewarding world of snowsports.

Free School Resources

March 2018 - Healthy Eating Training

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) have launched an initiative to provide a free, online teaching food in primary school course.The BNF also has a wide range of useful resources to support schools to teach their pupils about food and nutrition

Free Training and Resources

March 2018 - Key Stage 2 Yoga CPD

There are two KS2 Yoga CPD courses being run by Sprite Yoga in Brighton and East Sussex this half term. The courses are a great way to introduce your pupils to yoga and learn activities that are specifically designed to aid physical, mental and emotional development.

More Information

March 2018 - Sport Relief 2018

Sport Relief is back! It will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of March. There are lots of ways to get involved and there are free resources to help schools fundraise and to get pupils moving for a fantastic cause!

Get Involved

March 2018 - Active Learning

In response to the launch of the SuperMovers programme, TES released an article last month titled "How to get kids moving in literacy and numeracy". It discussed the benefits of active learning and how to make your lessons more active.


March 2018 - Super Movers Videos

The Premier League and BBC have teamed up to get primary school children moving to warm up their brains ready to learn. Super Movers offers teachers fun videos, ideas and incentives to inspire children to be more active throughout their day – all free and available online.


February 2018 - Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools

Getting children to be active in schools has become increasingly difficult in recent years. Loughborough University academics Dr Jo Harris and Professor Lorraine Cale have published a new book to assist teachers in making a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of their pupils.

Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools offers research-informed, evidence-based practices (built on health-related studies from around the world) that will help teachers broaden their physical activity promotion in school-based environments. Through this text, teachers will receive the following:

  • Tried-and-true practical learning activities that help pupils of all ages lead healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Clear explanations of the current thinking and evidence underpinning the practical ideas and activities, helping teachers fully grasp the content and depth of the material.
  • Developmentally appropriate procedures to monitor children’s health, activity and fitness in school, both as individuals and within a cohort (thus helping teachers quantify progress made).
  • Best practices, illustrated through a diverse range of case studies, to help teachers connect with the information and help their pupils apply it in real life.

Read more

February 2018 - Premier League Primary Stars Launch New Motion Capture PE Clips

Premier League Primary Stars has launched brand new motion capture PE clips for all girls and boys aged 5-11 in primary schools across England and Wales.

The motion capture clips were developed with the same motion capture technology used to generate the series of FIFA video games and were developed in conjunction with EA SPORTS, proud supporters of the Premier League Primary Stars programme.

With the new learning materials, teachers can take pupils step-by-step through a range of movements, emphasising key learning points for pupils and teachers. The short clips are designed to support the programme’s Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 PE packs.

Premier League Primary Stars provides downloadable lesson plans, activities and video content for Maths, English, PE and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). The programme is currently being used by more than 12,000 schools across England and Wales.

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February 2018 - Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment Scheme

High quality football kit and equipment is being made available to primary schools across England and Wales, as the Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment Scheme is opening for applications on Monday 19 February.

Delivered by the Football Foundation and run in partnership with Nike and Kitlocker, the Kit and Equipment scheme enables schools who sign up to the Premier League Primary Stars programme to apply for free football kits and equipment. This gives school kids access to new, Premier League quality football kit, encouraging them to get involved in sport, whilst also giving teachers access to a host of resources applicable to a number of classroom subjects.

Available in a variety of styles and colours, this year’s kit package includes:

  • 14 Nike football shirts and 1 Nike goalkeeper shirt, all numbered, 15 pairs of shorts, 15 pairs of socks and a Nike tracksuit for the teacher.

The equipment package includes:

  • A Nike trolley bag, 12 Nike match balls (mix of size 3 and 4), 16 Nike training bibs, 1 ball carrier, 4 pop-up goals, two sets of throw down floor spots (one marked A-Z and the other 1-30), a set of 9” cones marked 0-9, five large foam dice, 30 bean bags, 8 x 6” training cones, 4 balloon balls and 5 hula hoops.

This year’s application window, open to schools that have not already received resources from the 2017 programme, will run from Monday 19 February to Friday 6 April. Successful applicants will receive their kit / equipment from September 2018.

Schools should visit for details of how to apply for the kit and equipment – and how to access the other exciting Premier League Primary Stars resources that are available to them.

February 2018 - Sport, PE and Health Wheel

Active Sussex is pleased to announce that it is formally working with Create Development to bring schools the Active Sussex PE and Sport Premium and Health Assessment Wheel (as seen at meetings, presentations and the recent Active Sussex Conferences). For full information on how the wheel works click here

This tool will help your school demonstrate the impact of primary PE and sport premium funding is having on your children.

Access to your own school’s personalised wheel is £20 and this will include:

*             A full wheel licence for 12 months

*             A two hour Create Development wheel training session where you will be provided with your own login and password

*             Continuous administrative support from Active Sussex with regards to your wheel, including solutions and programmes to help you achieve your outcomes

Active Sussex will be running the above training on (more info on attached pdf):

  • Thursday 22nd of March 4-6pm at The Weald School, Station Rd, Billingshurst RH14 9RY

In preparation for your training please find attached a pdf version of the wheel for you to reflect upon pre workshop.

To book your place on the above training session please email Nick Chellel your school name, the member of staff who will be attending.

If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Nick.

Nick Chellel

School and Community Sports Officer

Active Sussex 

University of Brighton, Sports Centre, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9PH

T: 01273 644106 M: 07766 894494

E: W:

Twitter: @activesussex @activechellel Facebook: activesussexcsp