27 Sep 2019

The Young Coach Academy for Sussex is back! The Youth Sport Trust have relaunched the programme this year and have aim to target at least 30 young people between 14-19 yrs of age (in particular girls!)  who show promise in leadership and / or coaching in your schools, clubs and / or local sports clubs. The YCA (Young Coach Academy) is about harnessing that passion and enthusiasm shown by your young leaders / coaches and taking them a step further on the coaching pathway.

Applications have a set a deadline of the 8th November for the students to return the applications.  They must be returned to hprescott@stpaulscc.co.uk or posted to Mid Sussex Active, St Pauls Catholic College, Jane Murray Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8GA. The students will be notified by the 22nd November to let them know if they have been successful with their application. There is a small cost attached to the programme (£50), but any students who may struggle to afford this can approach Holly Prescott for bursary assistance.  Apply here.