09 Oct 2018

The ‘Puberty and Sport: An Invisible Stage’ report from Women in Sport looks at puberty and its impact on girls’ participation in sport. Key findings include: (1) sport is an ‘invisible stage’ where girls feel everyone is noticing them, (2) sporting activities previously enjoyed, may now seem childish and not in keeping with their emerging adult identity, (3) New responsibilities and interests fill their time and they become more independent of parents, (4) the perception of ‘having to be good’ at sport in order to participate increases, whilst playing sport for fun appears less acceptable, (5) there is an upsurge of competition and animosity between girls, (6) the sports environment is a breeding-ground for gossip, (7) looking good becomes increasingly important, (8) becoming ‘overly sporty’ can lead to negative stereotyping.

This provides some excellent insight into girls participation in sport and a useful evidence when writing bids for girl sports participation projects.

To view this click here: Puberty-PP