13 Nov 2019

The ninth annual Swimarathon will run at The Pavilions in the Park Horsham, on Sunday 15 March 2020. Over the last 8 years the Swimarathon has raised more than £56,000 for many deserving causes in the Horsham area. In 2020, we are supporting Horsham Matters, a small charity making a big impact in the Horsham community. Horsham Matters currently provides emergency food for individuals and families through the Horsham District Foodbank, in addition to running the Horsham Night Shelter which provides homeless people with a bed and food in the winter months.

Horsham Matters is developing a Community Hub to work with other organisations and partner agencies to provide a
‘one stop shop’ for vulnerable residents. A key part of this vision includes The Hub Café, where those who can afford to
pay, do and those facing financial difficulties are subsidised or eat free. Funds raised at Swimarathon 2020 will be used for setting up The Hub Café which will contribute to creating a strong, safe and healthy community in Horsham.

The Swimarathon is run on a 50/50 basis. Half the money you raise by sponsorship will benefit a good cause of your
choice, this can be your favourite charity, your club or maybe your school. The majority of the other half will benefit Horsham
Matters with a smaller percentage being reserved for other good causes in the Horsham area which are regularly supported
by Horsham Lions Club. Entering teams can of course join with us in supporting Horsham Matters. The decision is the team's; all we ask is that you help us raise as much money as possible.

Taking part is very easy; there is no entry fee. It's for teams of up to 6 swimmers plus an adult non-swimming team captain. All ages can take part, from 8 years upwards. The first member of a team swims one length of the pool and then relaxes while the other members of the team each swim a length of 25 metres in turn. The first swimmer then swims again and so on for 55 minutes. There could be up to eight teams swimming each hour. The first teams start swimming at 12 noon, with other teams starting on the hour until 4pm when the last teams will start their swim. Why not ask your friends and colleagues to have a go? It’s great fun and good healthy exercise! All swimmers will be presented with a commemorative medal.

The team captain ensures that swimmers are ready to swim at the appointed time, manages the swimmers on the poolside and counts the number of lengths completed by their team. The team captain is also responsible for ensuring that all sponsorship monies pledged are collected and that 50% is paid to Horsham Lions Club as soon as possible after the event and at the latest by the end of April 2020.

To take part please complete the entry form and return it to the address at the foot of the entry form. If a team wishes to swim at a particular time then please send the entry form in as quickly as possible: it is first come, first served! In 2019 the event was oversubscribed, so to be sure of a place, please get your entry in early.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to get in to touch. Please also advise if you will require a
hoist for your swimmers to enter and / or exit the swimming pool. Thank you.

Entry form

Gordon Hoare
Horsham Lions Club
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Telephone: 01403 253782
Email: horsham.dkw.karate@talktalk.net