24 Nov 2019

12 players entered the Horsham District Secondary Schools U18 Individual Table Tennis Championships on Friday at Collyer's. There were some fabulous games played, a third of them going to a deciding set. Tanbridge lad Freddie M ended up to of the pile. Benefiting from a first round bye he ended Weald pupil Jude L's hopes in straight sets to lay up a semi with schoolmate Rahil RF which he proceeded to win with surprising ease. The Fredster's opponent for the final was another Wealder, Chris G, who had also negotiated his semi against Alain S (Forest) without trouble and indeed had had more difficulty in his quarter-final versus tennis playing pal Ollie P (Weald).

If the semis were perfunctory then at least the best of seven set final proved suitably competitive. Fred got out of a first game pickle to deuce and then established a 3-1 lead before Chris sneaked the fifth. He couldn't maintain the pressure though as Freddie took the sixth with a measure of comfort to claim the title.

Rahil RF won the battle of the vanquished semi players, himself and Alain S, but it was borderline providing all the excitement that their semis had lacked by going to 11-9 in the seventh. Well played to Forest's Logan N for achieving fifth with an excellent last match and last gasp deciding set victory over Jude L. Alrain S also walked a tightrope in his final match seeing off Ollie P with a 13-11 deciding set scoreline.

Four players got knocked out in the first round but provided some brilliantly entertaining matches in their round-robin group to decide the placings 9-12. All six matches extended beyond three sets and three of them went the full distance. Harry L (Weald) prevailed with three wins followed by Steve L (Tanbridge) who he beat in four. Younger whizzkid Zaib RF (Southwater JA) nudged past the fast improving Adam H (Forest) to take third spot, 11th overall.


Freddie MW   Freddie M111111  Freddie M111111  Freddie M13119111111 Freddie M1st Place
BYE    Jude L579  Rahil RF659  Chris G116117137 Chris G2nd Place
Jude LW   Alrain S689  Alain S565            
BYE    Rahil RF111111  Chris G111111     
Alrain S111111 Alain S111111        Rahil RF611111110611Rahil RF3rd Place
Steve L746 Logan N899        Alain S1158812119Alain S4th Place
BYE    Ollie P99141111                
Rahil RFW   Chris G111112913    
Harry L5410       Alrain S81111710Jude L1191151196Logan N5th Place
Alain S111112       Jude L11871112Logan N51171161111Jude L6th Place
Logan N1191111      Logan N11111011           
Adam H41159      Ollie P99128    
Ollie PW               Alrain S11911913  Alrain S7th Place
BYE                Ollie P61171111  Ollie P8th Place
Chris G111111                       
Zaib RF638 9-12 PLACES GROUP         
     Zaib RF11106118              Harry L9th Place
     Steve L912119119-12 PLACES GROUP        Steve L10th Place
     Harry L118111011Zaib RF1112711           
     Adam H9119129Adam H810118    
     Steve L1281311 Harry L1161111         Zaib RF11th Place
     Adam H1011119 Steve L61188         Zaib RF12th Place
     Zaib RF9117113                
     Harry L11811311