19 May 2019

A number of Horsham TTC teams came away with medals after the National Cadet and Junior Leagues in Brighton concluded recently. In cadets (U15) Horsham teams dominated Division 3 and its H team topped it overall with points accumulated from across all four meetings, plus an organiser applied formula being used to account for meetings spent in other divisions. Horsham F came overall second in the same tier.

A number of Horsham TTC teams also competed in Cadet Division 2 and the C team achieved second place behind Spinners A. The J and E teams gave good accounts of themselves too but finished in the bottom half when the points were collated.

All the club's Division 1 teams finished bottom half too behind some strong teams of whom Brighton A came out top of the pile. The A team was the best placed team from the Horsham TTC stable, finishing nine behind Brighton B and two in front of its own B side.

Unfortunately the organisers did not provide detailed match results for Day 4 itself limiting the scope of this analysis. However the averages indicate that James Brandon (7 out of 10 = 70%) and Rahil Rehman-Furs (60%) both performed excellently in the top tier. Jude Law (80%) and debutante Tim Clennell (75%) were similarly impressive in the next division down and Zaib Rehman-Furs (63%) and the fast-improving Logan Newton (60%) were not far behind.

Harry Llewellyn was Horsham TTC's only unbeaten player on the final day and well done also to Dan Peskett for achieving 90%, only falling to Llewellyn in a five-set thriller. Great to see George Reynolds hitting 80% and his Partridge Green colleague Ben Griffiths achieving a two-thirds win ratio. Benedict Winter and Leon Lukose also in the high seventies and Devmi Thiksana, Alfie Lockwood and Josh Pullen all winning more matches than they lost.

The final day of National Junior League was a bitter-sweet one for the Horsham team competing in Division 2. Only one other team, Darenth A, turned up in full and bear the Horsham boys convincingly. Brighton B showed with a part team and three others completely failed to show so Horsham's matches were finished by late morning.

Although it was not declared on the day the organisers have since calculated with a formula that takes into account all days of play in the process that, helped by the absences, Horsham topped Division 2. Not a glamourous way to achieve success but the team of Wiggert Vermeet, Alain Shibu and Alrain Shibu will take it nonetheless.

Well done to all youngsters that have competed with great distinction and spirit for Horsham TTC over the National Cadet/Junior League process. Here's looking forward to next season!


 Division 1     
PositionTeamDay 1 PointsDay 2 PointsDay 3 PointsDay 4 PointsTotal Points
1Brighton City A1628262797
3Brighton City B1217171359
4Horsham A109201150
5Horsham B1312101348
6Horsham D---14
 Division 2     
PositionTeamDay 1 PointsDay 2 PointsDay 3 PointsDay 4 PointsTotal Points
1Spinners A-19192888
2Horsham C2023-1678.67
3Brighton City C23-151064
4Horsham J-16141661.33
5Horsham E413121140
6Horsham Spinners B7--830
 Division 3     
PositionTeamDay 1 PointsDay 2 PointsDay 3 PointsDay 4 PointsTotal Points
1Horsham H2127-1482.67
2Horsham F--192180
3Horsham G151162557
4Horsham I1113121652
5Horsham K10813940
6Brighton City D5159534


Division 1          
NameTeamPlayedWonLost% WinsR1R2R3R4R5
Lewis AustinBrighton TTC A109190.00%22122
Daniel ThomsonBrighton TTC A109190.00%22122
Leon CainBrighton TTC A109190.00%22122
Rahil Rehman-FursHorsham TTC A106460.00%21210
Zack BullHorsham TTC A104640.00%00220
Ishaan PatilHorsham TTC A101910.00%00100
Matthew CollickWeald TTC10100100.00%22222
Max FosterWeald TTC108280.00%21122
Monty MasonWeald TTC108280.00%22022
Georgie HunterBrighton TTC B104640.00%12100
Natty PurbrickBrighton TTC B104640.00%12100
George BaxterBrighton TTC B105550.00%22100
Max BartlettHorsham TTC B102820.00%00002
James BrandonHorsham TTC B107370.00%10222
Evan ErskineHorsham TTC B104640.00%00112
Rowan SmithHorsham TTC D100100.00%00000
Harry ChittyHorsham TTC D100100.00%00000
Sam MockettHorsham TTC D101910.00%00100
Division 2          
NameTeamPlayedWonLost% WinsR1R2R3R4R5
James HighHorsham Spinners A10100100.00%22222
Chris CoombeHorsham Spinners A880100.00%21212
Alfie FinnHorsham Spinners A86275.00%10212
Mac TaylorBrighton TTC C104640.00%02110
George HuntBrighton TTC C82625.00%11000
Kye SeaborneBrighton TTC C71614.00%0100-
Owen DaviesHorsham TTC C84450.00%-1120
Stephen LedgerHorsham TTC C83537.00%20010
Zaib Rehman-FursHorsham TTC C85363.00%21020
Logan NewtonHorsham TTC E106460.00%02202
Luke HarrisonHorsham TTC E93633.00%00102
Jude LaneHorsham TTC J108280.00%20222
Tim ClennellHorsham TTC J86275.00%11121
Stuart MoseleyHorsham Spinners B101910.00%01000
Jacob JohnsonHorsham Spinners B7070.00%00000
Jasper SavageHorsham Spinners B71614.00%01000
Division 3          
NameTeamPlayedWonLost% WinsR1R2R3R4R5
Zac BrownHorsham TTC H105550.00%02201
George WilliamsHorsham TTC H92722.00%00200
Alfie LockwoodHorsham TTC H95455.00%02111
Daniel PeskettHorsham TTC G109190.00%21222
Benedict WinterHorsham TTC G97277.00%20122
Leon LukoseHorsham TTC G97277.00%21112
George ReynoldsHorsham TTC F108280.00%12122
Demvi ThiksharaHorsham TTC F95455.00%02021
Ben GriffithsHorsham TTC F96366.00%02121
Charlie PembrokeHorsham TTC K101710.00%10000
Caleb BeltonHorsham TTC K93633.00%20010
Max MiddletonHorsham TTC K93633.00%20100
Jackson WrightBrighton TTC D101910.00%01000
Harrison DeadmanBrighton TTC D91811.00%10000
Kayden BarnettBrighton TTC D91811.00%01000
Harry LlewellynHorsham TTC I10100100.00%22222
Josh PullenHorsham TTC I106460.00%10212


 NJL 2018/2019          
 Division 1          
PositionTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnR1R2R3R4R5Total Points
1Weald TTC55005466425
2Horsham Spinners A52211325516
3South Croydon A53114340415
4Brighton TTC A51313225113
5Crusaders A51313501211
6Graham Spicers A51402141210
 Division 2          
PositionTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnR1R2R3R4R5Total Points
1Darenth A21016^6^36^425
2Horsham TTC20206^26^6^222
3Brighton TTC B21014*434*4*19
4South Croydon B00000^0^0'0*0'0
4Graham Spicers B00000*0'0^0^0'0
4South Croydon C00000^0'0'0^0*0
 Division 3          
PositionTeamPlayedWonLostDrawnR1R2R3R4R5Total Points
1South Croydon D55006665629
2Darenth B54104451418
3Horsham Spinners C51220243312
4Brighton TTC C51312423011
5Horsham Spinners B50233013310
6Brighton TTC D5032310329
 * - Walk-over and other team only has 2 players, so 4 wins in total          
 ^ - Walk-over and other team has 3 players, so 6 wins in total          
 ' - Both teams didn't show up, so 0 wins in total for both teams          


Division 1          
NameTeamPlayedWonLost% WinsR1R2R3R4R5
Jamar McGlashanBrighton TTC A109190%22221
Charlie OllerenshawBrighton TTC A101910%00010
Louis Vaughan-DrakeBrighton TTC A103730%10020
Matthew CarpenterCrusaders TTC104640.00%12001
Madhav MuralikrishanCrusaders TTC101910%01000
Jacob ArcherCrusaders TTC106460%22011
Alejandro Ito-AramendiaSouth Croydon A104640%10102
Rocco Martinez-PaoliSouth Croydon A92722%10100
Chidumebi EgbeamaSouth Croydon A97277%21202
Oliver GrayGraham Spicers A108280%21212
Tin-Chi WongGraham Spicers A9090%00000
Sin Su ChoiGraham Spicers A9090%00000
Tom DownWeald TTC108280%21221
Shem LejardeWeald TTC96366.00%01221
Lewis MarshWeald TTC990100.00%12222
Ed CozensHorsham Spinners A440100---22
Ollie MichellHorsham Spinners A107370.00%12121
Oli ThorneHorsham Spinners A105550%01112
Division 2          
NameTeamPlayedWonLost% WinsR1R2R3R4R5
Eddie GillhouleyDarenth A41325%--0-1
Joseph TicknerDarenth A32166.60%--1-1
Henry MorrellDarenth A32166.6%%--0-2
Wiggert VermeerHorsham TTC42250%-0--2
Alain ShibuHorsham TTC3030%-0--0
Aalrin ShibuHorsham TTC3030%-0--0
Rio AlvarezBrighton TTC B43175%-21--
Billy IrvineBrighton TTC B440100%-22--
Division 3          
NameTeamPlayedWonLost% WinsR1R2R3R4R5
Luke RickettBrighton TTC C104640%12100
Amaan AliBrighton TTC C95455%11120
Dylan WardHorsham Spinners B101910%00001
Sean McCordHorsham Spinners B84450%10111
Joe GardnerHorsham Spinners B81714%00001
Felipe FujimoriDarenth B107370%21211
Ben McKayDarenth B84450%01201
Ben ForresterDarenth B83537.50%02100
Shantosh ThevarasaSouth Croydon D10100100%22222
Naziyah HasanSouth Croydon D98188%22111
Gosinachidi EgbeanaSouth Croydon D990100%22121
George JarvisHorsham Spinners C107370%02212
Josh FleesonHorsham Spinners C81714%00001
Harvey DyerHorsham Spinners C8080%00000
Lucas BradburyBrighton TTC D102820%10010
Luca GerrardBrighton TTC D96366%20022


 NJL 2018/2019     
 Division 1     
PositionTeamPts Day 1Pts Day 2Pts Day 3Pts Day 4Total
1Weald TTC2521222593
2Horsham Spinners A1710-1657.33333
3South Croydon A1415131557
4Brighton TTC A1812141357
5Crusaders A-15141153.33333
6Graham Spicers A917151051
 Division 2     
PositionTeamPts Day 1Pts Day 2Pts Day 3Pts Day 4Total
1Horsham TTC---2288
2Brighton TTC B2214151970
3Graham Spicers B211921061
4Darenth A101072552
5South Croydon B-25-050
6South Croydon C131413040
 Division 3     
 TeamPts Day 1Pts Day 2Pts Day 3Pts Day 4Total
1South Croydon D1628-2997.33333
2Brighton TTC C29-23981.33333
3Darenth B-21161873.33333
4Brighton TTC D1510151050
5Horsham Spinners B56121033
6Horsham Spinners C71101230