02 May 2019

Tennis Activator Training has been developed through a partnership between the Lawn Tennis Association and Tennis Foundation. Whether at school, in the park, leisure centre, youth club, village hall,

Tennis Activator Training will provide you with:

  • An introduction to SERVES
  • Knowledge on your role as a Tennis Activator as part of SERVES
  • Understanding the basic skills needed to play tennis
  • Being able to deliver tennis activities and games that are fun to groups of young people
  • Understanding different formats that can be used to play mini-tennis, that can be easily applied to your environment
  • Understanding and applying basic rules for adapted tennis games.

Tennis Activator Training will give the Tennis Activators skills which will help encourage participants at their sessions to:

  • Try something new
  • Meet new people
  • Play in a friendly, relaxed environment
  • Have fun and get active
  • Return each week

Who is it for?

The training will provide volunteers, young people, youth and community workers, community sports coaches and leaders with game ideas, basic rules and fun ways to introduce tennis to young people in their local community as part of the SERVES programme. Learners will combine existing coaching and leadership skills with the games, challenges and practices within this workshop to engage young people in tennis.


The Tennis Activator Training is a 3 hour practical course, the date, time and location of courses agreed with venues organisations delivering the SERVES programme.


Tennis Activator Training is open to anyone planning to deliver tennis as part of the SERVES programme, with no prerequisites or qualifications required.


All participants are required to register in advance of their Tennis Activator Training; failure to register may result in not being able to take part in the training. The Registration link will be sent out in advance of the training, by the main contact at the venue organising the Tennis Activator Training. Participants can register online here


Feedback forms will be sent out to all participants after completion of the Tennis Activator Training. Your feedback will be used to help further support your development as a Tennis Activator, measure the success of the training, and identify any room for further development.

Additional Information

  • The course is free to attend
  • The Tennis Activator Training is a practical course; to get the most out of the course full participation is encouraged, please ensure you wear sports kit and trainers.
  • Once a course at your venue has been organised, you will be required to register in advance of attending.
  • They will also ask you to provide feedback on the training so we can make improvements in the future.

For more information please Contact the SERVES National Team on their website or Email community@tennisfoundation.org.uk or phone 02084877000