20 May 2019

Sport England are investing nearly a quarter of a million pounds in a new six-month pilot aimed at getting people aged 55 and over more active. The product of a collaboration between Sport England, Demos and Anchor Hanover, 10 Today provides a series of easy, accessible and enjoyable 10-minute exercise broadcasts – for both radio and online – which can be followed almost anywhere and at any time. Inspired by Radio Taiso, an established and evidence-based national daily exercise broadcast on Japanese radio, 10 Today has been produced and led by older people, for older people.

It aims to increase physical activity among older people across the country, helping to reduce social isolation and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of participants.

Active lifestyles
“Maintaining an active lifestyle as you grow older delivers massive health benefits,” said Sport England executive director for tackling inactivity, Mike Diaper. 

“While we have seen more older adults getting active than ever before, there are still too many who aren’t doing 30 minutes of activity a week. 

“All too often it can feel like the barriers to getting active grow as we age. However, even small changes make a real difference. 

“That’s why we are investing £10 million of National Lottery funding into over 20 projects, like 10 Today, that support innovative and experimental approaches to support older people to get and stay active in a way that’s convenient, accessible and fun for them."

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