07 Mar 2020

Like the biblical scene of the Red Sea being parted, only a bit more dramatic, primary schools football in Horsham was able to finally resume with the year 4 cup yesterday. Swap in the Tanbridge House astroturf for Noah's Ark and you have a re-write of the Old Testament on your hands. Familiar rivals Southwater A and Heron Way A took advantage of the rain break to emerge through the field of 15 teams to contest the final. Both negotiated their groups without too many problems before the Herons beat off Greenway A's semi-final challenge 2-0 and Southwater did likewise with a St Mary's Horsham gallantly fighting above their weight category.

The final was a tight affair finishing goalless and necessitating a quick footgolf challenge to stay on time, one which Southwater won.

Well done also to Shelley for negotiating a tough second tier of play-offs amid the big school company of Greenway, St Peter's Henfield and Heron Way.

Sharing and caring was the way of the third tier play-offs with both final matches ending in one-all draws, although Kingslea had required a footgolf win over Leechpool A to get into the final of this particular silo.

And finally St Mary's Pulborough provided some more rural balance to the scene, consoling themselves for their first phase group struggles by seeing off Castlewood and Leechpool B to win the fourth tier






0 Kingslea v Heron Way B 2

0 Castlewood v St Mary’s Horsham 4

0 Northolmes v Heron Way A 5

Southwater B v Greenway A

1 Southwater A v St Mary’s Pulborough 0

0 Leechpool A v St Peter’s Henfield 1

0 Leechpool B v Greenway B 2

Shelley v Southwater B

1 Kingslea v Southwater A 3

1 Castlewood v Leechpool A 1

1 Northolmes v Leechpool B 0

Greenway A v Shelley

3 Heron Way B v St Mary’s Pulborough 0

2 St Mary’s Horsham v St Peter’s Henfield 0

6 Heron Way A v Greenway B 0

Southwater B v Greenway A

0 Kingslea v St Mary’s Pulborough 0

1 Castlewood v St Peter’s Henfield 1

0 Leechpool B v Heron Way A 9

Shelley v Southwater B

0 Heron Way B v Southwater A 1

1 Leechpool A v St Mary’s Horsham 1

1 Northolmes v Greenway B 1

Greenway A v Shelley


1st Southwater A 15

2nd Heron Way B 11

3rd Kingslea 5 (GD -4, scored 1)

4th St Mary’s Pulborough 5 (GD -4, scored 0)

1st St Mary’s Horsham 13

2nd St Peter’s Henfield 9

3rd Leechpool A 7 (GD -1)

4th Castlewood 7 (GD -4)

1st Heron Way 15

2nd Greenway B 9 (GD -4, scored 3)

3rd Northolmes 9 (GD -4, scored 2)

4th Leechpool B 3

1st Greenway A 20

2nd Shelley 11

3rd Southwater B 6





Winner 1 v Winner 2

2 Southwater v St Mary’s Horsham 0

Runner-Up 1 v Runner-Up 2

1 Heron Way B v St Peter’s Henfield 0

Third 1 v Third 2

1 Kingslea v Leechpool A

Kingslea win on footgolf decider

2 St Mary’s Pulborough v Leechpool B 0

Winner 3 v Winner 4

2 Heron Way A v Greenway A 0

Runner-Up 3 v Runner-Up 4

0 Greenway B v Shelley 1

Third 3 v Third 4

0 Northolmes v Southwater B 2

0 Castlewood v St Mary’s Pulborough 1

Third place play-off

1 Greenway A v St Mary’s Horsham 0

Third place play-off

0 Greenway B v St Peter’s Henfield 2

Third place play-off

1 Northolmes v Leechpool A 1

Shared match

1 Castlewood v Leechpool B 0


0 Southwater A v Heron Way A 0

Southwater win on footgolf decider


0 Heron Way B v Shelley 2


1 Kingslea v Southwater B 1

Shared match



1 Southwater A

2 Heron Way A

3 Greenway A

4 St Mary’s Horsham

5 Shelley

6 Heron Way B

7 St Peter’s Henfield

8 Greenway B

9 = Kingslea / Southwater B

11 = Northolmes / Leechpool A

13 St Mary’s Pulborough

14 Castlewood

15 Leechpool B