25 Jun 2020

New research published by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust shows that one consequence of weeks of lockdown has been that many young people now see sport and Physical Education as more important to their lives. The YouGov research, commissioned by the Youth Sport Trust, surveyed 1,396 young people aged 6 – 15 about coming out of lockdown. It found that for four in ten young people, not being able to take part in Physical Education, sport and exercise during the lockdown had made them feel worse.

Key findings from the research show that:

  • Four in five children (80%) say they are worried about what happens as they come out of lockdown and return to schools, with girls (84%) more likely to have concerns than boys (77%)
  • Among those who were worried, the ability to spend time with friends was most likely to be a concern, with 52% saying this was something they worried about
  • Physical Education, sport and exercise had helped 27% of young people feel better during lockdown. But 40% said that not being able to take part in sport during lockdown was something that had made them feel worse
  • 37% of young people say that they now consider Physical Education, sport and exercise to be more important to them than they did before lockdown
  • 51% of young people – about 4 million - say they will now do more sport and exercise than they did before the lockdown.

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