28 Jun 2020

Horsham District Sports Development has a small number of cycling turbotrainers available for three-month free loan to residents in the district who are currently either shielding in the coronavirus or classed as vulnerable perhaps by virtue of a disability of extended age. A turbo trainer is a static device which your bike attaches to, allowing you to ride your own bike, in one place, whenever you want to. The rear wheel sits in contact with a roller which is connected to a resistance unit and, as you pedal, the back wheel turns the roller and generates resistance. Cycling with a turbotrainer is fun and a great way to be active, particularly when other options might be limited.

The unit can be set up where there is enough room for a bike to stand, either indoors somewhere or outdoors, perhaps in the garden. It comes with a specialist spindle for the backwheel which fits into system. Most adult bikes with a release lever for the backwheel can be used on it.

Contact Ian.ford@horsham.gov.uk / 07764 146338 to express your interest.

Where a free loan is agreed the unit will be delivered in a sanitised condition and simple set-up instructions provided.

Photos showing the turbotrainer standalone, with bike attached, resistance adjuster and cord (attaches to handlebars) and a removed specialist spindle