05 Jun 2019

St Mary's School Washington is the champion school at tennis in the STARS catchment of primaries after winning out in a competition run at Storrington Tennis Club yesterday. It was Flushing Meadow, Roland Garros and Wimbledon rolled into one as the year 5+6 children adapted their skills to play on three different surfaces: tarmac, clay and artificial grass. Coaches for the Matthews Tennis Coaching group staffed the event with high authority and experience, first providing some skills coaching in the key areas of forehand, backhand and serving, and then overseeing a series of mini-matches between the three schools attending: St Mary's, Storrington and Amberley.

Rain did its best to interrupt the proceedings but the children were having none of it, they just played through the showers

Final results:

1. Washington 233

2. Storrington 173

3. Amberley 159

Well done to everyone involved for contributing to an excellent event.