06 Jun 2019

Sport England are making up to £1 million available to diversify coaches and volunteers in the sport and physical activity sector. Their Workforce Diversity Great Ideas Fund will be open for a month, from today, and Sport England want to hear from anyone wanting to engage women and/or BAME communities in volunteering or coaching opportunities.

With both Coaching Week and Volunteers’ Week taking place now, the National Lottery funding has been allocated to address the fragmented workforce – partly comprised of coaches and volunteers – that is currently lacking diversity. 

There are many fantastic stories of women and people from BAME communities getting involved and making a difference to people around them. 

But there are barriers facing them in getting started, so it is important to find ways to support more people from these backgrounds into the sport and physical activity workforce, and to help ensure they have a really positive experience once they're engaged.

Trying new things

"Learning what works to engage and support these audiences into volunteering and coaching is key and we want to work with you to learn what approaches work and why,” said Sport England head of coaching Stuart Armstrong.

“There are any number of potential learning opportunities. Maybe you’re planning an unusual partnership, or want to test ways of using new technology to get women engaged in volunteering. 

“Perhaps your organisation has never had any connection with sport before, but has something different to offer within a sport or physical activity setting. 

“Whatever your ideas, we’re keen to find out what we can discover together.”

Applications can be submitted between now and 3 July, with selected projects bring further developed into a full application in August and September. 

Final decisions on funding will then be made in October and November.

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