12 Jul 2019

The first Sussex Junior Player Series event that took place at Piltdown Golf Club on Sunday 30th June. 25 boys and girls took part in this event hosted by Piltdown Golf Club  who helped organise things on the day. Congratulations to Morgan and Oliver who were joint winners in the Reception to Year 2 group, Amelia in Year 3-5 and Ben Gaskell in Year 6+ There are still four more Sussex Junior Player Series events this year with the next one scheduled to take place this Sunday 14th July at Dale Hill Golf Club that can booked online here,

Mixed Reception - Year 2

1st Morgan McGinty                          32 (winner shot of the day)- Dove Green on First

1st Oliver Stonley                                32 (winner shot of the day)- Birdie on 5th, Dove Green

Mixed Year 3 – 5

1st Jack Harwood                               42

2nd Amelia McGinty                           43 (winner shot of the day)- Birdie on 6th

2nd Edward Heagerty                         43

2nd Jack Wills                                      43              

5th Ryan Wills                                     44

6th Freddie Piper                                 45

7th William Denyer                             49

8th Luke Gaskell                                  52

8th Daniel Martin                                52

10th Eddie Blaker                                  54

11th Thomas Sachon                            59

12th Noah Carney                                  71    

Mixed Year 6+

1st Louis Dalessio                                42

2nd Patrick Heagerty                          46

3rd Isaac Long                                     47

4th Lawrence Patten                           50

4th Finlay Willis                                   50

6th Max Manning                                52                        

7th Neil Warwick                                 54

8th Kian O Shea McGuinnes            60

9th Ben Gaskell                     67 (winner shot of the day)- 70 yards away from hole chipped it bounced and landed straight in.

9th James Dizer                                    67

11th Jac Haurie                                      83