11 Feb 2020

The Set4Success Inter-Business Sports Challenge got back on the road last Friday at Collyer's Sixth Form with a table tennis competition after a hiatus in which the charity took the opportunity to re-organise after the sad passing of its leading light John Le Rossignol last summer. Six teams signed up and engaged some excellent matches in the round-robin format supervised by HDSD staff member Natalie Jagota.

Ex-colleagues from the now closed Sony DASD company in Southwater now use the S4S events as a good excuse to get together again and on this occasion it was an even better excuse than normal as with four teams wins and a draw out of the five matches they actually won it. Well done to Paul Vedamuttu and Marcus Deacon for their efforts, Deacon going unbeaten in his No 2 slot, Vedamuttu winning three in his front line role.

Neal Jannels was impressive with an 80% win ratio to spearhead Impact's drive to second place. Paul King was king for equal third placed Kreston Reeves and Durrants took a squad approach in matching their placing. For Assurity their lead player Matt Barby pulled off some good wins but will have some explaining to do to dad Steve, one of Horsham's premier TT players, for his 21-2 loss to Jay from Durrants in his penultimate match.

Great to see JR Print making their S4S debut at this event. Although they remained winless scores suggest they were always competitive and not to be taken lightly.

All good fun. Next event to be the tennis in March. Details here






33 Assurity v Impact 42

Matty Barby 19 v 21 Scott Lovell

Martin Berwick 14 v 21 Neal Jannels

29 Kreston v Sony 29

Paul King 21 v 8 Paul Vedamuttu

Matt Oxenham 8 v 21 Marcus Deacon

30 JR Print v Durrants 42

David Want 19 v 21 Jason Hayes

Gill Want 11 v 21 Liam Hayes


42 Kreston v JR Print 20

Paul King 21 v 7 Dave Want

Jack Fosberry 21 v 13 Gill Want

41 Sony v Impact 36

Paul Vedamuttu 20 v 21 Scott Lovell

Marcus Deacon 21 v 15 Neal Jannels

30 Assurity v Durrants 32

Matt Barby 21 v 11 Liam Hayes

Martin 9 v 21 Jay


42 Sony v JR Print 9

Paul Vedamuttu 21 v 4 Dave Want

Marcus Deacon 21 v 5 Gill Want

34 Assurity v Kreston 29

Matt Barby 13 v 21 Paul King

Martin Berwick 21 v 8 Jack Fosberry

34 Impact v Durrants 36

Scott Lovell 13 v 21 Liam Hayes

Neal Jannels 21 v 15 Jay


25 JR Print v Impact 42

David Want 14 v 21 Neal Jannels

Gill Want 11 v 21 Scott Lovell

30 Durrants v Kreston 23

Liam Hayes 9 v 21 Paul King

Jay 21 v 2 Matt Barby

42 Sony v Assurity 26

Paul King 21 v 15 Matt Barby

Marcus Deacon 21 v 11 Martin Berwick


17 Durrants v Sony 42

Liam Hayes 9 v 21 Paul Vedamuttu

Jay 8 v 21 Marcus Deacon

24 Impact v Kreston 22

Scott Lovell 3 v 21 Paul King

Neal Jannels 21 v 1 Matt Oxenham

24 JR Print v Assurity 42

David Want 16 v 21 Matt Barby

Gill Want 8 v 21 Martin Berwick


1st Sony

2nd Impact

3rd = Kreston Reeves and Durrants

5th Assurity

6th JR Print