20 Dec 2018

Association of Colleges (AoC) Sport has partnered with ukactive to better understand college students’ experience of physical activity and sport. The British Active Students in Further Education Survey, supported by Matrix Fitness, is being sent to colleges and students across the UK in order to build the evidence necessary to support students’ physical and mental health in further education.

The researchers hope to achieve similar reach and insight to a survey conducted over the past two years which investigated the importance of regular physical activity within higher education. The British Active Student Survey found that students that are physically active experience improved wellbeing, inclusion, perceptions of employability and academic attainment compared to inactive students.

The same was true for students that took part in sport and attended a gym, compared to students who did neither. The British Active Student Survey reached 6,891 students across 104 higher education institutions, shedding light on the activity habits of university students and the barriers they experience.

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