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3 Jul

Every year, during the month of June, Pride Month is celebrated across the world. Pride is about communities coming together in celebration, unity and solidarity with the LGBT+ community. British Athletics is proud to support and work alongside the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Biexual & Transgender) community in the sport through the Athletics Pride Network which was launched in April this year.

1 Jul

Cleaner air, improved community spirit and a better appreciation of physical exercise have all been considered as significant benefits coming out of the coronavirus lockdown period. Horsham District Council’s Sports Development team has embraced all of these benefits recently by supporting a new scheme which recycles old bicycles and gives them to NHS key workers and community hub volunteers, helping them to go about caring for the vulnerable in our local communities at this difficult time.

People often believe that exercise can make you hungrier, so they may therefore eat more during subsequent meals. But for the typical person, single sessions of land-based moderate to high-intensity exercise (such as running, resistance exercise and intermittent sprint cycling) have been shown to temporarily decrease appetite and do not commonly lead to increased food intake on the same day.

ukactive and Community Leisure UK have warned that nearly half of all public leisure facilities in the UK face permanent closure by the end of the year, unless local authorities receive urgent ring-fenced funding from the Government. Public leisure centres, swimming pools and community services which are funded via local authorities, and delivered either in-house or by trusts and management providers, face a shortfall of more than £800m this financial year (2020–2021).

28 Jun

Horsham District Sports Development has a small number of cycling turbotrainers available for three-month free loan to residents in the district who are currently either shielding in the coronavirus or classed as vulnerable perhaps by virtue of a disability of extended age. A turbo trainer is a static device which your bike attaches to, allowing you to ride your own bike, in one place, whenever you want to. The rear wheel sits in contact with a roller which is connected to a resistance unit and, as you pedal, the back wheel turns the roller and generates resistance. Cycling with a turbotrainer is fun and a great way to be active, particularly when other options might be limited.

26 Jun

Sport England have produced several new resources to help the sport and physical activity sector start to reopen, as and when restrictions ease. In recent weeks Sport England have been consulting with partners to get a sense of would be helpful.

25 Jun

The Youth Sport Trust has published a new research report ‘What About the Boys’ which sets out the potential for sport to play a greater role in improving boys’ mental health. It comes amid increasing worries about mental health, anti-social behaviour and lack of achievement and aspirations among boys.

New research published by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust shows that one consequence of weeks of lockdown has been that many young people now see sport and Physical Education as more important to their lives. The YouGov research, commissioned by the Youth Sport Trust, surveyed 1,396 young people aged 6 – 15 about coming out of lockdown. It found that for four in ten young people, not being able to take part in Physical Education, sport and exercise during the lockdown had made them feel worse.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has published a report exploring the impact its guidance has had on the health and care system for children and young people in England.

COVID 19 infection frequently leaves people feeling tired, weak, short of breath performing simple tasks, lacking in motivation, anxious or even feeling depressed. These symptoms can go on for a lot longer than expected and it can feel like you’ll never get back to normal.