exercise referralHorsham District Exercise Referral Scheme

Get fitter and healthier in just 10 weeks

What is it?

  • The scheme offers a programme of tailor-made activity at a local leisure centre for the prevention, improvement or management of your health condition.
  • You must be prepared to attend 20 appointment based sessions of exercise, preferably within a 10 week period.
  • During the sessions, a trained exercise specialist will be on hand to guide and support you.
  • You must be referred by a GP or other healthcare professional using the special referral form. Please note that your GP may not feel that a referral is appropriate for your condition and may be able to suggest a more appropriate Wellbeing service.

Why do it?

  • The Exercise Referral Scheme gives you a specialised exercise programme which is suitable and beneficial for your particular health condition.
  • The atmosphere is friendly and conducive to encouraging people of all ages and fitness levels to participate regularly in exercise.

How much will it cost?

  • The consultation at the leisure centre is free.
  • After that, you will be given a discounted price for the 20 sessions.
  • You may also be offered an incentive to continue using the leisure centre at the end of the 20 sessions.

The referral process

  1. Initial meeting with your GP or healthcare professional.
  2. You meet the referral criteria.
  3. Your GP or healthcare professional completes and signs Section A of the referral form.
  4. You complete and sign Section B of the form.
  5. You or your healthcare professional will then need to either send or scan/email the form to the Wellbeing team at Horsham District Council, who will arrange to meet you to discuss your needs.
  6. The Wellbeing team will register you on the scheme with your chosen leisure centre.
  7. The leisure centre will contact you to arrange an induction/assessment.
  8. You start the course.
  9. At the end of the course you will receive a questionnaire to complete.
  10. You may be offered an incentive to continue exercising at the leisure centre.
The Horsham District Exercise Referral Scheme is currently delivered at:

Billingshurst Leisure Centre

Chanctonbury Sports & Leisure

Henfield Leisure Centre

Pavilions in the Park

Steyning Leisure Centre

The Bridge Leisure Centre

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